Care Crew:

Compound Specialist
Caring for people for 4 years +

I have been caring for people as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, specializing in compounding customized medications for those whom traditional medications have not worked. Graduating from Central Oregon Community College (COCC) as a Certified Pharmacy Technician in 2011, left me passionately driven to further educate myself on the many ways I could care for people as well as their pets. Texas and the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) were an ideal fit, where I earned my certification in sterile as well as non-sterile compounding of personalized medications. I love compounding because the process is so interesting; starting from individual ingredients, compounding of the formula, to dispensing it to our patient for the witnessing of their best health results to emerge. Sound simplistic? Some of the compounds only take a few minutes to make while others can take several hours. The most challenging part for me in the beginning was the math and learning what all the ingredients were, but after a few months of training it got much easier. While I love everything about compounding, my favorite part is formulating. The learning is ongoing in this field which keeps things new and interesting, I am never bored. The knowledge of medicine in this career changed my life by helping my awareness of how it works, or doesn’t, in our bodies as well as becoming an over-all more compassionate person. Some other things about me; I am a happily married mother of 4, all boys, and just recently became a first time Grandmother to a baby boy. I love spending time with my family and taking a trip to the coast when possible. I also enjoy flower gardening and doing little projects around the house. I love staying busy.

Compound Technician
Caring for you today ~

As a recent graduate (with the highest honors in the top percentile) from Central Oregon Community College's (COCC) Pharmacy Technician Program in January of 2015, it has been a big year of learning. I am specializing in pharmaceutical compounding under the tutelage of our highly skilled and elite trained compounding technician, Linda.  I went to college to be a pharmacy technician so I could take part in a career that helped me marry my retail experience and the health care field. I enjoy doing work with my hands and when the position opened to try compounding, I was intrigued. I really think it is cool that I can make all kinds of different vehicles for patients to comfortably take their medicine. I feel as if I am a scientist! The excitement comes from learning how the chemicals work together and figuring out how to use the equipment to make various forms of medications. When I am not compounding medications and caring for our patients, I have a 14 yr old son who is the best thing I've ever been part of and he is wonderful. As well as an old pit bull "puppy" who loves to play ball and walk.

Pharmacist ~ Owner
Caring for people for 38+ years

50 years ago I was encouraged by my paternal grandfather to pursue an education outside of the farming industry due to the growing difficulties he knew small farms, like our families, would be facing. My maternal grandfather was a career pharmacist for the service and held the dream of me becoming a doctor or dentist.
Respect for both of my grandfathers led me to pursue a career in some sort of medicine. In 1977 my first position after graduating from O.S.U’s School Of Pharmacy lay the foundation for how a pharmacy should be ran, how patients should be treated and  offered upscale gifts in the store front. Compounding was merely a part of our everyday tasks. As numbers instead of names became the pharmaceutical chains priority, compounding and individual care dwindled. Though, recent years have enabled the return of compounding, it has been a disappointment to see the care and concern portion, not. My experiences have been an array from community pharmacies, independent retail pharmacies, chain drug pharmacies, clinical pharmacy and long-term care pharmacies over the past 18+ years. In my practice, I have always embraced a higher benchmark for dealing with each patient individually, with the focus on ~ you ~ as the patient, being the center of my attention. Trustworthiness, compassion an caring are my virtues and when lived by, have produced joyous outcomes. It is my goal for every patient to experience the marriage between the past care that we all remember, with the precision of a speciality compounded prescription, aiding in the improvement of your health and everyone’s well-being.